What You’ll Learn

Culture Academy hands you the roadmap and tools to successfully transform your organizational culture. In five intense days, you’ll learn tried, tested and true tactics for successfully planning and executing a strategy for change – as it applies to your organization.

We teach you all about the key to cultural change: behaviours. How your people behave today affects your business results tomorrow; when you align behaviours to your organization’s goals, you transform your results tomorrow, next quarter, next year and beyond.

But how do you align behaviours? It all begins with your people – they create and sustain your culture. Working with your employees to identify and align their beliefs, you can transform your organization, leveraging it into the future.

Graduates of the program will walk away with the ability to:

  • Assess the current culture of their organization, department or team.
  • Describe the actions needed to integrate change in the current culture.
  • Test the organization’s boundaries and willingness to embrace change.
  • Identify the beliefs and behaviours needed to support a cultural transformation.
  • Lead and support the individual and organizational changes necessary for transformation.
  • Identify and lead key process changes needed to support the cultural change.

How To Participate

We offer Culture Academy courses publicly in select cities throughout the year. Register for one of this year’s international locales.

How To Customize

Looking for a customized experience? We offer Culture Academy to organizations worldwide, tailoring the program to their people and needs.