Culture Consulting

Building on the foundational elements of our workshops, our consulting services identify and integrate the solutions necessary to meet your organization’s unique needs to lead. We offer consulting intensives, as well as à la carte services for varying needs.

Culture Transformation

Culture Transformation empowers you to transform culture for good by bridging the gap between wanting to change and actually changing. With a thorough understanding of your organization, its people and needs, we help you plan for change then guide you through it, including execution and integration with strategic, tactical and effective end-to-end support, including workshops, projects and events – as it applies to your organization.

Organizational Culture Assessment

Accurately assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current culture is critical input for creating the path to transform it.  We have the tools and experience to identify the beliefs, behaviours, operating standards and norms that describe the existing culture and inform the desired traits for the future organizational culture.


Designed to support graduates of Culture Academy, cycleUP™ provides you with the targeted support you may need for continued success: work with our coaches to further define, refine and integrate your plan for change; align senior leadership in a cohesive direction; assign an experienced coach to key leaders in your organization; or delegate the planning and delivery of critical meetings to our team. Whatever your needs, we can help.

Working Together to Win

Working Together to Win is a two-day, intensive team experience that builds and transforms leadership teams, fast-tracking the growth of the organization by leveraging the talent and skill that already lives within your organization’s leaders. We help you align beliefs and behaviours, creating a truly interdependent, cohesive, high-performing team to achieve an organizational goal. DISC® Personal Profile Assessments are utilized for all team members.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching helps teams understand the dynamics necessary for business success. We guide you through focused listening, strategic questioning and constructive feedback, building respectful relationships wherein dysfunctional dynamics are confronted openly, honestly and effectively. The team learns how to cooperate and work as one, appreciating their individual strengths, supporting their weaknesses and realizing their potential.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is a tool to effect change in individuals, a collaborative partnership that guides individuals through personal discovery, goal setting and specific, actionable steps to transform goals into measurable results, realizing personal potential. Utilizing a comprehensive Coaching Needs Assessment, we identify and define the individual’s needs and expectations, partnering them with the best possible coach for the best possible outcomes.

Investment Audit

The Investment Audit supports investors in making strategic, calculated decisions before investing. Investors typically find it difficult to assess the key players in an investment, how they interact or their indicators for success and failure. Supplementing your standard due diligence with an Investment Audit provides investors with comprehensive, applicable intelligence about an organization’s management, increasing the likelihood of a successful investment.

Behavioural Audits

Behaviours are the driver behind all successful business results – and all unsuccessful business results. Assessing and understanding behaviours of the individual, the team and the organization is the only way to drive successful change. We offer a number of audits and services to assess your organization’s behavioural patterns and health.

DISC® Personal Profile Assessment

DISC® Personal Profile Assessments provide accurate insight into how people behave at work, improving successful recruitments, identifying where to optimize your organization’s learning and development budget, and understanding where to boost morale to avoid staff turnover.

General Intelligence Assessment

The General Intelligence Assessment measures a person’s mental capacity, predicting their potential within a role or response to training, answering questions like, “Can she think on her feet?” and “Is he a problem solver?”

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional intelligence gives a team the edge it needs to perform in today’s busy, stressful business environment. The Emotional Intelligence Assessment evaluates your employees’ individual abilities to understand their emotions, respond to pressure and manage relationships.

Organizational Readiness

The culture of an organization is only transformed by first transforming the beliefs and behaviours of the people within it. Organizational Readiness provides insights on the readiness of members in the organization who will play key roles in its overall transformation.

Organizational Behaviours Audit

An Organizational Behaviours Audit identifies the current beliefs and behaviours of your organization, whether they align with the organization’s purpose, how they impact its performance, and what behaviours are needed to support its strategic direction and success.

Team Behaviours Audit

The Team Behaviours Audit, used in conjunction with the DISC® Personal Profile Assessments, enables your team to understand its strengths, weaknesses and value to the business. It empowers leaders to boost the performance of your team by managing them more effectively.

Team 360

The Team 360 assesses behaviours within a team, providing an objective framework for identifying performance gaps and developing self-awareness, confidence and motivation to improve personal effectiveness.